Jimmy Kemp


Jimmy became involved with Group 47 in 2007, when he learned about DOTS and became convinced of its critical importance in preserving the digital records of the world’s business, government, artistic, and scientific communities. Jimmy has worked tirelessly to establish and maintain connections to potential Group 47 funders as well as potential DOTS users, in order to ensure the success of DOTS in the marketplace.

Currently, Jimmy is also co-founder and Managing Partner of Kemp Partners, a Washington, DC-based strategic and venture capital consulting firm established in 2003. Kemp Partners represents Fortune 500 companies as well as small and midsized firms before Congress, the White House, and several federal agencies.

With both Group 47 and with Kemp Partners, Jimmy maintains and nurtures strong corporate and political relationships that helps communicate to and strategize with the highest levels of government and business.

Jimmy received his B.A. in History from Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC. Prior to Kemp Partners, Jimmy spent eight seasons as a quarterback in the Canadian Football League, finishing his career in 2001 with the Toronto Argonauts.

Jimmy also serves as President of the Jack Kemp Foundation, established to perpetuate and advance Jack Kemp’s contributions to American political thought and help educate the next generation of political leaders. To promote this mission, the Foundation began the Kemp Legacy Project, comprised of the Kemp Oral History Project, the Kemp Collection at the Library of Congress, and the Kemp Chair of Political Economy at the John W. Kluge Center, also at the Library of Congress. In addition, the Foundation started the Kemp Leadership Academy, providing education and personalized training to enrich the policy insights of professional athletes interested in public service. And he also began the Kemp Forum, a debate and discussion series providing a platform for the civil competition of ideas.

In addition, Jimmy is the Founding Chairman of the Board for the Hope Community Charter School located in NE Washington, DC. The school serves pre-kindergarten through grade 8 and has been in operation since September 2005.