About Us


Group 47 was formed in 2008 in order to secure the patents, designs, and manufacturing processes for DOTS, a proven 100-year archival technology developed by the Eastman Kodak Company.

Group 47 acquired all identified DOTS patents, as well as a complete technology transfer of all technical documentation. In addition, Group 47 obtained free and clear access to Kodak’s patent portfolio for any previously related IP, along with access to existing and former Kodak employees who have DOTS-related knowledge and/or experience.

We plan to build and sell hardware units and media to clients, in addition to licensing the DOTS technology. Also, we are extending the DOTS patent portfolio with improvements to the original design and new techniques of leveraging the technology.

We’ve assembled a team that is uniquely qualified to provide guidance and support from solving manufacturing challenges to bringing DOTS to market. Group 47 has developed relationships with those in the Federal Government, media and entertainment, as well as members of the archival community helping to assess their needs as well as their interest in a 100-year archival solution such as DOTS.

Executive Team
Rob Hummel
As President, Rob brought together the team responsible for securing the relevant patent portfolio and take the steps to bring DOTS to market.
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Steve DeWindt
As Chairman, Steve brings his wealth of knowledge, proven leadership skills, and business acumen in the world of technology startups to partner with Rob at bringing DOTS to market. [ Read More ]
Dan Rosen
Chief Technology Officer
In the role of CTO, Dan plays a critical role in furthering the DOTS technology with new innovations and methods of leveraging the technology. [ Read More ]
Jim Minno
EVP, Product Development
Jim brings to Group 47 a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the history of DOTS, as well as a wealth of key relationships with the scientists and engineers who invented and developed DOTS. [ Read More ]
Dick Sehlin
Executive Vice President
Dick currently advises Group 47 on issues of product development and company operations, as well as provides background information and relationships critical to the further development of DOTS.
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Jimmy Kemp
EVP, Federal Systems
Jimmy has worked tirelessly to establish and maintain connections to potential Group 47 funders as well as potential DOTS users, in order to ensure the success of DOTS in the marketplace. [ Read More ]