What is DOTS?

DOTS (Digital Optical Technology System) is a digital storage media that is:

archival for no less than 100 years
chemically inert
immune from electromagnetic fields including electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
able to be stored in normal office environments or extremes ranging from 15º to 150º F
Because there are no demanding climate control requirements, DOTS is a low-cost, environmentally-friendly way to truly archive data long term.

DOTS is a true visual “eye-readable” method of storing digital files. With sufficient magnification, one can actually see the digital information. Our “Rosetta Leader™” specification calls for microfiche-scale human readable text at the beginning of each tape with instructions on how the data is encoded and instructions on how to actually construct a reader. Because the information is visible, as long as cameras and imaging devices are available, the information will always be recoverable.

No other storage medium is stable for 100+ years under conditions of benign neglect. It ensures legal, cultural, and historical data are preserved with accuracy and authenticity.
Competing technologies (magnetic tape, hard drives) require a complex and expensive system of data migration within five years, as, beyond this, there is an unacceptably high probability of data loss due to catastrophic media and/or data degradation or outright failure.

Download an in-depth guide to DOTS on PDF

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