DOTS is a process to secure information long-term with accuracy, authenticity, and availability.

Simple & Inexpensive
No demanding A/C or humidity requirements. No need for extensive monitoring for degradation. Migration challenges and costs are eliminated.
DOTS is stable for no less than 100 years, under normal room temperature. Can withstand extreme temperature swings. After recording, the tape actually becomes archivally stronger.
No migration or environmental controls needed. No billions of BTUs spent cooling disk farms. No contributing countless tapes to landfills. No excessive CO2 emissions.
Non-magnetic tape that is not subject to corrosion, delamination, or fading dyes. Immune to damage by magnetic fields, static, water, or petrochemicals. Data can be recovered with a light and a lens.
This is the stuff of digital information managers’ dreams. No more worrying about active data management, file obsolescence or that escalating energy bill….DOTS is refreshingly different from every other data storage solution on the market…[ Read More ]

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