Jim Minno


Jim_Minno-BLkWht-smlAs the lead product evangelist for the DOTS technology when he worked for the Eastman Kodak Company, Jim brings to Group 47 a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the history of DOTS, as well as a wealth of key relationships with the scientists and engineers who invented and developed DOTS.

Currently, Jim is also Director of Research at the Rochester Institute of Technology. There, he conducts research, statistical analysis, predictive modeling and data mining, as well as manages a staff of researchers. He also teaches classes in predictive modeling, data analytics, business intelligence, data visualization, statistics, market research, new product development and commercialization, innovation and social media analytics.

Earlier, Jim served as Worldwide Television Market Segment Director for Eastman Kodak Company. In this role he managed the product line, tradeshows, and led new product development for image processing and enhancement hardware, scan-only film, and ultrasonic film splicing hardware. Jim also led worldwide 16mm training programs and initiatives to engage camera manufactures to improve their 16mm camera and lens offerings and product quality.

As Strategic Planning and Business Development Director for the Entertainment Imaging Division of Eastman Kodak Company, Jim managed product roadmaps, negotiated joint development agreements and programs, and led new product development efforts for high speed motion picture film scanners and recorders, digital motion capture cameras, and optical storage products.

In the role of Worldwide Software Development Director for Eastman Kodak Company’s special-effects software products for motion picture and video (Cineon), Jim turned around a faltering development operation by implementing rapid application development and new commercialization processes and integrating customer advisors into the development process.

Prior to joining Kodak, Jim identified, started, and led software development and multimedia development and other product lines for several companies, including McGraw-Hill, Thomson Electronic Publishing, and Information Associates. In these roles, Jim commercialized many software products and electronic products.
In addition, Jim started and ran a variety of small consulting, software development, software production and other businesses as a principal. The businesses participated in technology development, innovation, new product development, management, marketing and market research consulting. He also has worked as a consultant for a wide variety of companies, including Nikon, General Motors, Fisher Price, The Automobile Association of America, The Manhattan Transit Authority, the State University of New York (SUNY) and The American Red Cross.

Jim has a BS in Marketing and Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from State University of New York at Buffalo – School of Management. He has taken many other college courses in multivariate analysis, statistics, software engineering and computer science. He’s a member of the American Marketing Association and the Market Research Association.