Rob Hummel


headshot-robRob’s passion for DOTS began in 1995 while he was working for DreamWorks. It was then that he was approached by the Eastman Kodak Company to take a look at their new archival media. Since that time, Rob has taken the lead to form a company to purchase the DOTS patents from Kodak and license the technology. As President, Rob brought together the team responsible for securing the relevant patent portfolio and take the steps to bring DOTS to market.

Previously, Rob was President of Legend3D, a company that provides 2D to 3D conversion services for major motion pictures and television. He was the chief liaison between Legend and film studios, using innovative solutions to enable studios to convert movies into 3D efficiently and economically. Rob also was the CEO for another 2D to 3D conversion company, Prime Focus.

At DALSA Corporation, Rob was President of Digital Cinema, chartered with gaining acceptance of DALSA’s pioneering 4K Camera in the motion picture industry.

Before joining DALSA, Rob was Vice President, Production Technology, at Warner Bros. Among his responsibilities was overseeing the award-winning restorations of “Gone With The Wind” and “The Wizard of OZ.”. Rob also advised Warner Bros. production departments on Digital Capture and Digital Post Production technologies.

Prior to Warner Bros., Rob was Senior Vice President, Digital Cinema, for SONY Corporation of America. As part of the 21st Century Studio Project, Rob analyzed the operations of SONY Pictures in areas of digital mastering, archiving, storage and protection of their vast library of film elements.

Rob previously served as Executive Vice President, Digital Development, for Technicolor. He led Technicolor’s emergence as a leader in Digital Cinema, and the establishment of some of the first Digital Cinemas across the globe.

In 1995, Rob was among the earliest employees at DreamWorks where he started as Head of Animation Technology and oversaw building of the digital infrastructure for the feature animation studio. He went on to head up Dreamworks’ international post production, film archiving, video mastering, theater operations, special projects, and was Head of Technology for the then planned Playa Vista studio project. Prior to DreamWorks, Rob held various positions at Walt Disney in Feature Post Production, TV Animation, and the Theme Park Productions unit of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Rob began his career in radio, but soon transitioned into the film industry. He started as Director of Production Services for the professional film division at Technicolor Labs, and also worked at Douglas Trumbull’s visual effects company, during “Blade Runner.” In addition, Rob was Post Production Supervisor on “TRON.”

Originally from Amityville, New York, Rob received his BA in Business from Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. Currently he is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where he sits on the Academy’s Sci-Tech Council and is a past Chair of the Council’s Public Programs and Education Committee. He has hosted many seminars on motion picture technology at venues ranging from the Academy to PIXAR Studios to London’s National Film Theatre. An associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers, he edited the 8th edition of the ASC Manual, and wrote several chapters. Rob has taught classes at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles and is an Honorary Visiting Professor at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Kanazawa, Japan. He was awarded as one of the Pioneers of Digital Cinema by the National Association of Theater Owners.